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The Beijing Aerospace Propulsion Institute (Original The 11th Research Institute of China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation (Beijing)) is engaged in developing the liquid rocket engine for the large launch vehicle of China. TheInstitute has devoted to the application of LPRE technologies in aerospace and other fields and has formed two main businesses, that is, aerospace propulsion industry and aerospace technology to benefit social economy in aerospace arena.


Since 1960s, we have developed many safety relieving devices (pressure relief valves) with high performance and reliability which used for aerospace. And we have accumulated abundant developing experience, built perfect manufacturing & test equipment. To meet the demands for high performance pressure relief valves manufactured in accordance with international standards in various fields, we have developed HT series productswith the help of China Corporation of Petrochemistry Industry, previous Ministry of Chemical Industry, Ministry of Labor and relative plants since 1980s. In May 1997, examined and verified by Space Quality Certificate Commission, the products were granted “China Space Mark Product”. And in Sept. 1999, as first batch manufacturer, we are acquired the certificate of “safety registration” which is issued by China State Bureau of Quality & Technology Supervision.In October 2014, got GB/T24001-2004(idt IS024001: 2004) environment management system certification. In October 2015, got GB/T19001-2008 (idt ISO9001:2008) quality system certification.


HT series pressure relief valve was strictly designed, manufactured, tested and acceptance checked in accordance with API standards and ASME codes. The inner structure of valve, along with the design, manufacture and process method of critical parts are designed by utilizing mature experiences from aerospace technology which has been accumulated for more than 50 years.Since 2012, most of HT series pressure relief valvehas reached international standard among peers by obtaining the ASME UV certification.


Our institute is the commission entity of National Engineering Research Center for Special Pumps & Valves, and has top-ranking pressure relief valve performance test equipment. Above all, we are able to supply high performance pressure relief valve in accordance with international standards to domestic projects and other sets established abroad.