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Quality Assurance

We treat quality as important as our lives since the aerospace industry puts great emphasis on product quality. We have the special closed-loop quality control system of aerospace industry, which is called “Technology and Management Double Returning to Zero” quality control method. With the strict and systematic quality control method, we try to achieve “zero faults” by taking effective precautions measures.

Sticking to the quality ideology of “people oriented and wide participation”, we have established efficient and market ariented ISO 9001 quality control system. We put people first and focus on customers” satisfaction. We try to win the competition and gain reputation by producing high quality products. We continuously improve product quality and try to make them perfect.

Our Maxims: developing products carefully, taking all facts into account, ensuring reliability, minimizing faults.

Our Special “Technology and Management Double Returning to Zero”:

Technology Returning to Zero: accurate orientation, clear mechanism, detailed problem shooting, efficient measures, non-occurrence of similar problems.

Management Returning to Zero: clear procedure, definite responsibility, pragmatic measures, strict punishment, modifying rules.