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Beijing Aerospace Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Engineering Corporation Limited, as a leading professional safety valve manufacturer in China and internationally known, has been committed to providing customers with a complete set of overpressure protection and fluid control solutions.


As the main product of "Aerospace Petrochemical", HT series safety valve has obtained ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) "UV" certification, and its core performance index is among the best in the world, indicating that the design, manufacture, test and inspection of this series of safety valve fully meet the requirements of ASME Code Section VIII, and its comprehensive performance has reached the international advanced level.


HT series safety valves have also achieved fruitful results in similar international certification, and have passed CE (European Community Safety Certification), EAC (Customs Union certification) and KGS (Korean certification).







TS Certificate



The company has the national A1 level safety valve special equipment manufacturing license. Compared with other domestic safety valve manufacturers, HT series safety valve has a complete certification structure, a wide range of suitable media, a wide range of nominal pressure and nominal diameter, and a high temperature limit. The technology and manufacturing capacity of HT series safety valves are at the leading level in China.


ASME Certificate




HT series safety valves have been certified by ASME "UV" and nbbi "NB" in the United States, and become the first safety valve series products of independent brand in China that have reached this internationally recognized advanced index. As a recognized benchmark and a sign of reliability, it shows that the technical performance and quality standards of HT series safety valves fully meet the requirements of ASME Code Section VIII, and reach the international advanced level.

After HT series gas safety valve successfully obtained ASME UV certificate, our HT series liquid and steam safety valve passed all review procedures at one time and was included in the scope of ASME UV certificate, and the discharge coefficient of each model reached the world leading level.


Quality, environment and occupational health system certification