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  • 产品名称: HTDO、HTDB series Large Orifice Pressure Relief Valves
  • Series: HTDO、HTDB
  • Size: 10″V14″~20″BB24″
  • Pressure: 150lb~300lb
  • Temp.: -268℃~+720℃

● ASME UV certified, and capacities are certified by the National Board Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspector.

● Special design makes the disc to achieve full opening at small overpressure.

● Blowdown can be controlled by the blowdown adjustment ring.
● Strict manufacture technology assures that the pressure relief valves have high degree of seat tightness and long using life.

● Widely used on the pressure pipes and vessels of the chemical and petrochemical plants and system, and provide high quality overpressure protection.