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  • 产品名称: HTXDL series Cryogenic Pilot-Operated Pressure Relief Valves
  • Series: HTXDL
  • Size: 1″D2″~20″BB24″
  • Pressure: 150lb~4500lb
  • Temp.: -196℃~+200℃

● ASME UV certified, and capacities are certified by the National Board Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspector.
● The system can be operated near set pressure without valve leakage.
● The soft seat design provides good seat tightness before and after each relief cycle.
● Proper valve operation and lift are unaffected by back pressure.
● No more overpressure required for full lift of main valve.
● Non-flowing pilot reduces product loss and environmental pollution.
● Externally adjustable blowdown
● Accessories such as online detection device, filter, backflow protector and remote pressure joint can be installed to meet different needs of users.


● Suitable for ultra-low temperature conditions
● Suitable for high back pressure, large flow, high pressure, high sealing requirements and compact installation position.
● Widely used in petrochemical, chemical, air chemical, coal chemical, organic silicon, polysilicon, natural gas, alumina, medicine, metallurgy, offshore oil and other industries.