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  • 产品名称: HTXDG series High Temp. Pilot-Operated Pressure Relief Valves
  • Series: HTXDG
  • Size: 2″X3″~8″X10″
  • Pressure: 600lb~1500lb
  • Temp.: ~+538℃

● The working process is very close to the sudden pop pilot valve, which belongs to the instantaneous opening and rapid pressure relief pilot valve.
● The structure of the pilot valve is very close to that of the conventional jump pilot valve. The biggest difference lies in the use of metal to metal hard sealing structure at the key valve seat, disc and sliding shuttle pressing seat, and the use of graphite composite gasket instead of O-ring at other static sealing positions.
● The main valve seal adopts piston ring type.
● Elastic disc structure
● It is easy to adjust the opening and closing pressure difference by using reset adjusting pin.
● The main valve above 4" adopts the auxiliary discharge mechanism switch to ensure the operation performance.

● Suitable for high temperature conditions in petrochemical, chemical, coal chemical, thermal power and other industries.