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  • 产品名称: HTVST series Venturi Steam Trap
  • Series: HTVST
  • Size: 1″~10″
  • Pressure: 150lb~1500lb
  • Temp.: -196℃~+538℃

● Large displacement, avoid parallel multiple traps.
● Low failure rate, reliable performance and long service life (the first steam lock produced in 1984 is still in use).
● Pressure range 0.1 ~ 130 barg or higher
● Customization (Including installation size and special material)
● Independent valve core design, easy to replace the internals
● Multi spool design, large displacement
● Flash erosion zone to avoid wear
● No fault, long use life
● Replace the old trap without adjusting the length of the pipeline, can be installed in vertical or horizontal position.


● Widely used in petrochemical, chemical, food, medicine, textile and other industries.
● It is mainly used in reboiler, heat exchanger, autoclave, drying equipment, air heater, shower guide, heat tracing and other vapor-liquid two-phase conditions.