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  • 产品名称: HTPC series Piping Joint
  • Series: HTPC
  • Size: 1"~10"
  • Pressure: 300lb~2500lb
  • Temp.: -29℃~+650℃

● Compact: compared with conventional flange, it can reduce 30% - 50% in length direction and cylindrical dimension.
● Lightweight: 60% - 90% less weight than conventional flange.
● Labor saving: no bolts and nuts are needed, and the number of parts is reduced by 55% - 75% compared with conventional flange.
● Time saving: compared with conventional flange, it can save 10-15 minutes in installation and disassembly.
● High efficiency: internal full flow to eliminate pressure drop and material accumulation.
● Smooth flow channel: after connection, the inner hole wall is smooth transition and seamless, avoiding the wear of catalyst or other solid medium transported in the pipeline at the joint of conventional flange.
● No bolt and thread connection: avoid using torque wrench and repeated pre tightening.
● Self strengthening seal: the sealing force increases with the increase of pressure to ensure zero leakage.
● Thermal stability: the structure design will minimize the impact of thermal expansion on the seal, and can withstand the rapid changes of internal and external temperature.

● Mainly used in precious catalyst transportation pipeline in petrochemical industry. Typical application devices include continuous reforming, propane dehydrogenation, adsorption separation, heavy aromatics comprehensive utilization device, etc.