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  • 产品名称: HTLB series Quick Action Line Blind
  • Series: HTLB
  • Size: 1/2"~48"
  • Pressure: ~2500lb
  • Temp.: -104℃~+760℃

● Quick action line can replace figure-8, paddle blank, paddlespacer and other traditional blinds, and is suitable for occasions where devices need regular maintenance and mutual switching.
● The operation is simple, quick, and efficient.
● The seal is reliable which can achieve 100% isolation.
● The application of the blind plate is safe which can reduce the potential security threats in the pipeline switching operation.
● The maintenance is convenient which only need to replace the gasket or O-ring on the blind plate.

● Refinery, petrochemical plant, chemical plant, long distance pipeline and offshore platform.
● Various working conditions (such as H2S, nitrogen, decarbonization / Makeup pipeline, diesel, natural gas, benzene, chlorine, HCN, etc.).
● Isolation of reactor, heater, pump, compressor and burner
● Pipeline isolation for other special applications