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  • 产品名称: HTKH、HTKH-B series Safety Valve Quick Switching Device
  • Series: HTKH-B
  • Size: 0.5″~18″
  • Pressure: 150lb~2500lb
  • Temp.: ~+538℃

●  High cost caused by unscheduled shutdown can be avoided, since crossover can be done without shutdown the process.
●  Pressure loss is small, guaranteed the combined pressure relief valve has designed discharged coefficient.
●  The operation is safe, convenient and fast.
●  A vent valve is installed at the bottom of each pressure relief valve to discharge medium before dismantling the pressure relief valve.
●  At high pressure class( ≥ 600lb), balance valve will be setup in the quick crossover combination, to make change over conveniently.
●  Temperature arranges from cryogenic to high. Excellent seat ensures good tightness during times of changeover.


●  Suitable for the working condition of no shutdown, and can avoid the loss caused by emergency shutdown and maintenance.