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Scientific research achievements and intellectual property

At present, the company has three ministerial level awards for scientific and technological achievements of safety valves, and 30 authorized invention and utility model patents. It has mastered the core technology of structural design and process manufacturing of all kinds of safety valves, which has laid a solid foundation and created good conditions for the promotion and application of products in wider fields.






Technical background

The whole process of design, manufacture, test and acceptance of HT series safety valve products thoroughly implements the international advanced technical standards and codes (API standards and ASME Codes), and meets the requirements of national safety valve safety technical supervision regulations.




Numerical simulations




Experimental verification



          PSV Testing Platform(Gas)


PSV Testing Platform(Liquid)


   Cryogenic Platform

Monitoring system

  Liquid nitrogen  




Steam Testing Platform


According to ASME PTC 25, the company has built a domestic first-class safety valve performance testing device, which can meet the requirements of domestic industries and import and export projects for advanced safety valve performance testing with international standards.


Academic research achievements




Beijing Aerospace Petrochemical (BAPC) has carried out a lot of basic theoretical research on safety valve with the help of complete and advanced research methods and strong talent team. As the main scientific research unit of safety valve in China, many papers have been published in academic conferences and journals at home and abroad.






  • Drafted national mandatory technical regulations 《TSG ZF001 Safety Technical Supervision Regulations for Safety Valves》

  • Drafted national standard 《GB/T29026-2012 Spring Loaded Safety Valve for Cryogenic Services》

  • Drafted national standard 《GB/TXXXXX-2017 Pilot Operated Safety Valve for Cryogenic Services》

  • Drafted 《TSG ZF002-2005 Examination Requirements for Safety Valve Maintenance Personnel》

  • Published over 20 papers on national core periodical magazines and conferences